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20mm modern American infantry

Just finished up painting a platoon sized force for playing some modern combat in Afghanistan. Not my best paint job but I think they are good enough for playing with even though the figures themselves deserve a more capable hand. It took me a few tries to get an acceptable, even with my low standard, version of digital camo for them. Eventually I got lucky and found a tutorial on TMP that helped a lot. Their opponents are in the mail and hopefully will arrive in a week or two. The Elhiem figures are beautiful and paint up quickly so I should be ae able to give them a go on the table by sometime in February.


Platoon HQ


Close up of the weapons squad


Entire force


Closer view of one of the squads


Civilian Interaction Team in front, EOD in back



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A slight diversion

I’ve taken a break from the Franco-Prussian War while I try to figure out which rules I want to use for our eventual campaign. In the interim I’ve been doing some FOW Vietnam and just started painting some Elhiem modern US army for Force on Force in Afghanistan.

Below you can see how the Army is coming along. I struggled with the digital camo until I came across a tutorial (Painting ACU)  that helped a lot. Still not really happy with them but it’s good enough for wargaming. Also in the picture you can see some brown water navy 15mm boats I just need to lacquer to finish up.

work in progress 151230

We’ve also just started an American Revolution campaign. The first battle will be fought on the 9th so I’ll make a post regarding how we’re running the campaign and how the battle turned out.

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