1757 Campaign – Prelude to Prague

In the first 2 weeks of the campaign the Prussians advanced and drove the army of Kongisegg before them ultimately resulting in the fairly even contest at Munchenberg. During their half of the first campaign turn the Austrians fell back onto Prague. Their hope was that they would seize the initiative in the next turn and develop a strong central position to keep the Prussian wings separated.


If the Austrians took the initiative Charles would move west to Sonlan and meet up with Arenberg while Serbelloni moved into Prague to join Konigsegg for defense of the city.

Unfortunately for the Austrians, the Prussians maintained the initiative as the campaign entered the second half of April. Frederick & Schwerin moved into the region around Prague and the stage was set for the second battle of the campaign.


The opposing forces favored the Prussians in the upcoming clash. With ~50% higher numbers and significantly superior quality the stage was set for Frederick to achieve a great victory.

The Forces:

Prussians Austrians
Grenadiers 4 Brigades 2 Brigades
Musketeers 5 Brigades 9 Brigades (1 reduced strength)
Fusiliers 4 Brigades N/A
Cuirassiers 5 Brigades 4 Brigades
Dragoons 3 Brigades (1 reduced strength) 0
Hussars 1 Brigade 0
Artillery 4 Heavy Artillery units 2 Heavy Artillery unit




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