Finally, a dedicated game room

I played my first war game 43 years ago (Avalon Hill’s Waterloo for the curious) and in all the intervening years I’ve never had a dedicated place to game. For much of the time I would setup on saw horses in the garage. At one point I was able to use folding tables in a spare bedroom. In either case, the setup had to be removed once a game was complete and the space returned to its normal usage.

As of today though, I have a room of my own. I was able to fit in a 6’x9′ table, a really comfy Lazy-Boy dual recliner, and a 65″ Samsung super HD TV. It may not be the most spacious place on earth, but I’m tickled pink by it!


Game Room!


Nice storage under the table


Battle of Kolin using Might & Reason for a first trial


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