1757 Campaign – April

Now that I have a dedicated game room, it’s time to kick off my first campaign project. Just because it’s visually appealing I’ve chosen my Seven Years War armies for the initial foray. I use Sam Mustafa’s excellent Might & Reason rules for gaming the 7YW and it conveniently includes two different campaign methods. I’m using a “slightly” modified version of the 1757 campaign. I want to get my Russians on the table also at some point so I’ve replaced Daun’s Austrian relief army with a similar sized Russian force under Fermor.

Here’s what the map looks like that the campaign plays out on:


The Prussians begin north of the river, the Austrians to the south, and when the Russians arrive they’ll be coming on at Brunn. I’m playing this solo but the rules lend themselves very well for solo gaming and I think I can make the campaign work also with some judicious forgetfulness.

After deployment, the Prussians have initiative on the first turn and their moves are shown below.


As Brunswick-Bevern advanced into Reichenberg, Konigsegg successfully evaded and fell back into Munchengratz. Unfortunately, he failed to fall back as Schwerin advanced from the east and so the first battle is set to begin!

Might & Reason uses “brigade”  units, roughly 4 battalions of infantry or 10 squadrons of cavalry per 2 stand unit. The opposing forces are:

Prussians Austrians
Artillery 2 Units 1 Unit
Infantry 1 Grenadier, 3 Musketeer, 2 Fusilier 6 Musketeer
Cavalry 1 Hussar, 1 Dragoon, 2 Cuirassier 2 Cuirassier

The Prussians of this period are, “man for man” quite a bit better than the Austrians so I anticipate a victory for Schwerin & company however, we’ll see how it ends up on the table!




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