Revolution & Empire Trial

We trotted out the 28mm Napoleonic figures for the first large scale trial of the Revolution & Empire rules. Facing off were 2 French line corps (Lannes & Davout), a Bavarian corps (Lefebvre), cavalry reserve and the Imperial Guard who were opposed by my 2 line Austrian corps and a Reserve corps. All told something over 1,000 figures a side.


A few pictures from before the battle.


The festivities started with the French right corps advancing against the Austrians. I’d deployed with my 2 Corps, Rosenberg on the left and Hohenzollern on the right, side by side and the Reserve corp of Liechenstein off table in the center. As this was the beginning of 1809 the two corps were the standard 2 infantry divisions plus an advanced guard division.

As you can see the French are all nicely based and flocked while my Austrians are slackers and are still standing around on painted wood! I have a few batteries and 5 battalions of Landwehr to finish then it will be time for flocking en masse!



Shortly thereafter the French left corps stepped off to push my right.


The thin white line was a bit worried at this juncture as the mass of Frenchmen descended upon us but only time will tell if we can stand up to the pressure.

By this time the fighting was raging up and down the battle front.


It’s a good time for a panorama showing the entire battlefield


It’s been a while since we had this much lead on a table!


View from behind the French cavalry reserve…would they be needed today?


No, no dramatic charge to finish the battle. This was our first attempt at the rules with a good sized battle and we ran out of time. It was looking like the French wouldn’t be able to push through the Austrians and after 6-7 hours of playing it was time to call it a halt.

In general, we were pleased with the rules. They feel more balanced than the previous Empire versions and we also liked the changes to the order and command systems. With one person a side we got through 6 hours of game time in just over 6 hours of real time so for a first try we felt they moved along well enough. We’re gearing up for a couple days of battle around the beginning of September and hopefully we’ll a) have fun and b) come to a conclusion!


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